Top 7 Signs for Eating Too Much Sugar

In this article, we will explain together the symptoms that may appear when your diet is full of carbohydrates and sugars, which may lead to diabetes.

We will also discuss some of the complications of diabetes and what may cause diseases and symptoms, as eating large quantities of sugars is a harmful food habit does not return to humans only large health problems.

And here’s my dear reader these signs are:

  1. Drink plenty of water with profuse sweating even in the absence of great effort.
  2. Entry frequently to the bathroom for a lot of times urinating.
  3. Excessive activity due to high blood sugar.
  4. The intensity of hunger and thirst permanently, because the sugars are burned quickly, especially carbohydrates easy to digest and the components reach the blood quickly such as glucose sugars and others.
  5. With too much sugar, you may develop diabetes, which can lead to a diabetic coma after eating large amounts of sugars.
  6. In the case of diabetes as a result of eating a lot of sugars and starches within his eating habits, the person loses weight significantly, despite the avid eating with the feeling of constant hunger and thirst.
  7. If you eat a large amount of sugars with diabetes may suffer from complications of diabetes in the form of cataracts, Dental loss, diabetic foot, Gangrene, Lack of sensation in the limbs, impotence or diabetic eye or prostate infections and others.

Finally, at the end of our article, we advise everyone not only to improve their eating habits by eating the right amount of proteins besides carbohydrates and fats, but also to improve their mood because nervousness, tension, anxiety, fear, and other negative feelings may also lead to diabetes with the desire to eat more food to kill those Bad feelings.