Sleeping on the right side during pregnancy

In this article, we will talk together about, the proper sleeping position during pregnancy, especially the right side where we will discuss together the benefits of sleeping on the right side during pregnancy through the next few lines.

The pregnant woman does not feel comfortable in any position during her sleep except on the right side which is the perfect sleeping position for pregnant women, because the stomach is not pressed in that position, which means a comfortable sleep in which the pregnant woman does not suffer from shortness of breath or acidity that you will feel if you press the stomach to sleep on Its left side.

Sleeping position in pregnancy

Sleeping position in pregnancy on the right side makes pressure on the liver, which is easily absorbed because it is a solid, vacuous or cavity organ.

For a more comfortable sleeping position in pregnancy, you can place a pillow behind your back as a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy.

Not eating a lot of food before bed is also an important advice that should be in mind by the pregnant woman, especially in recent months where the weight is too large and will not be able to sleep in any sleeping positions while pregnant woman on her bed after filling her stomach.

Think of your fetus also while you sleep and sleep on your stomach because this direct pressure on your fetus and uterus will affect the fetus negatively and may lead to abortion. Also, make sure your neck is comfortable while sleeping by sleeping on the pillow properly

Finally, do not forget to make your bed comfortable and soft, not rigid, especially as you will sleep on your back in the last months of pregnancy do not feel the pain of the spine when you sleep on a solid bed like wood uncomfortable.

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