Reasons for late period

Let us in this article talks about the most important reasons for the late period, which adversely affect both the mental and physical health of women, so we will discuss this together in an attempt to identify the most important of these causes and treatments.

We find that the psychological factor plays a big role in the delay of the menstrual cycle in women stress is a factor that negatively affects the menstrual cycle and may lead to missed period. Any injury or disease, as well as the frontal lobe of the pituitary gland, lead to menopause due to the impact of hormones secreted by the frontal lobe of the gland.

Also, malnutrition and anemia are reasons for the period being late so it should be treated by taking supplements with good food so as not to delay the menstrual cycle. If estrogen is harmful, this causes menopause as well and do not forget of course pregnancy outside the uterus and pregnancy, menopause or polycystic ovaries.

In case of missed period for a month, It is not preferable to take hormonal drugs and should do some analysis to identify the presence of pregnancy or the rise of female hormones harmful to the other, what is the reason for this menopause of course with good food with raising the morale of women and wait until come next month in the absence of pregnancy or Harmful rise in hormones.

Finally in case of missed period for 2 months or missed period for 3 months, Analyzes should be done quickly and with the treatment of the causative woman should take a drug that accelerates the incidence of confined blood in the absence of pregnancy, a hormonal drug that regulates the menstrual cycle, but if there is an ectopic pregnancy should be removed by the specialist doctor.