Eight Warning Signs of Kidney Damage

In this article we will discuss together the eight most important signs of kidney failure, which should immediately go to the doctor for treatment and take the necessary and these signs are as follows:

  1. Lack of urination with the feeling that urine is concentrated and water is low as well as the retention of fluid inside your body leading to swelling of your legs and feet in this case you should go to the doctor immediately.
  2. The symptoms that accompany the above are also shortness of breath and severe fatigue with weakness and confusion and may accompany all that nausea.
  3. You may be surprised dear reader when you know that the symptom of kidney failure also is the output of large amounts of urine so that you almost do not get out of the bathroom in this case also you have to see a specialist doctor.
  4. The situation may worsen with not going to the doctor and we find the patient is experiencing bouts of pain in the lower abdomen as well as bouts of coma and in such cases should be directed to the hospital immediately to take necessary.
  5. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or any heart disease, you should follow up with a specialist doctor your kidney condition because you may experience kidney failure in a moment and you should follow.
  6. You should also stop taking painkillers in large quantities because they negatively affect the kidneys and may lead to kidney failure.
  7. High cholesterol also makes you susceptible to kidney failure because it reduces blood flow to your kidneys.
  8. Finally, remember, dear reader that if you also have severe burns or severe dehydration, it means that you are on the threshold of kidney failure so you are under constant observation in the hospital.