O u r    S t a n d a r d s    f o r    y o u r    C a r e

  1. We are dedicated to providing a warm and safe environment for everyone, regardless of age, race, income, status, nationality, religious affiliation.
  2. You will be treated with kindness and compassion and may leave the centre whenever you wish.
  3. You will be listened to with respect and courtesy, without judgment, ridicule or rejection.
  4. You have a right to withhold any information you do not want to share with a peer counsellor. All information shared will be held in strict confidence, except in the rare circumstances required by law.
  5. You will receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, abortion procedures and risks, lifestyle issues and related concerns.
  6. You may refuse information you do not wish to receive.
  7. You will receive honest and open answers to your questions.
  8. You will be given on-going support, in accordance with your needs.
  9. The Centre provides several educational programs to assist you before, during and after pregnancy.
  10. We can refer you to other appropriate resources that could support you in your present circumstances.