4 Unusual Signs of Colon Cancer

Although colon cancer does not have any noticeable symptoms in its early stages, in this article we will discuss unusual signs that appear to the patient and may not pay attention to them, but indicate the need to go to the specialist to make sure whether or not he has colon cancer. And these unusual signs that may be the signs of colon cancer are as following:

1 Bloody Stool :

One of the most important symptoms neglected by many people and may indicate colon cancer bleeding in case of defecation with blood in the stool and due to the similarity of this symptom with hemorrhoids may not care for the patient’s attention, but should immediately appear such a matter immediately consult a specialist.

2 Fatigue :

Colon cancer patients may also suffer from an unjustified drop in weight with fatigue and weakness like all cancer patients and hence the importance and need to go to the hospital every six months to check on the efficiency of all organs of the body.

3 chronic constipation :

Of course, all those symptoms that are likely to have colon cancer are accompanied by chronic constipation, which is not due to eating the food that causes it or not because of not eating dietary fiber in various meals.

4 Irregular Bowel Movements :

This is added to the frequent and severe abdominal colic with defecation and gas accumulated in the intestine with the feeling of the patient that he did not empty all in his intestines of the stool.

At the end of this article dear reader, you have to distinguish between the blood that accompanies the stool, which indicates a problem with the rectum or intestines or colon, and the red color that may be stained by the stool as a result of eating beetroot or licorice or black color when taking iron medications.