10 early signs of pregnancy

10 early signs of pregnancy


 If you are married and you want to have a child in your life ,You probably not sure that if you are pregnant.

All women pregnancy are having curiosity about if they are pregnant,The easy way to know  by using the pregnancy Test Kit

And if you do not have a Test Kit you can also discovery by your self  with.These 10 noticeable early signs of pregnancy

that tell you if you are pregnant or not.

1 Blown and tender breasts

  • If you probably feel unexpected pain or tingling in breasts this one of the most common signs of being pregnant .
  • During early of pregnancy breasts will begin change by time , they  prepare to produce milk.
  • Your breasts probably feel highly sensitive for 4 weeks as a result ,in this case is possible to know if you are pregnants in those  first little  weeks,

While many women even realise it from the moment of conception.

2 Darkening areolas.

The circles around nipples will become enlarge and darken during pregnancy ,

That normally happens when your body begins to prepare itself for breastfeeding.

3 light bleeding color

Maybe some women notice light bleeding around day 5 to 9 after conception , that can be an indication of pregnancy .
Some women probably feel it is like a regular habitual periode but it the bleeding color is light ,probability of being pregnant are high.

4 Constipation

During pregnancy , your womb is mostly presses directly on the bladder

That causes more repeatable urination .

For that reason.an supplemental pressure and intestinal changes can too cause constipation

Definitely when your baby grows bigger the more the uterus presses against your bladder and also other organs .

5 Bloating

Hefty or bloated feeling in the stomach ,like a fart and burps that is the most uncomfortable and common symptom of pregnancy before late or missed periods

6 under back pain And Cramps

Implantation cramping  bloating, and constipation can all cause backaches during early pregnancy

7 Fatigue

The  majority common pregnancy sign is feeling exhausted as long as that takes a lot of energy to create a baby,the fact is that fatique often is the first pregnancy signs.

Tha is good for you because if you are pregnant and you will begin to feel few exhausted around week 12

8 Nausea

The majority common pregnancy signs,which is an augment changes in hormone levels . not just to the morning ,some feel nausea all day long

9 smell sensitivity.

The most common early signs od women are those have a ultra sensitive sense of smell during


This is help women for not eating bad foods in order to protect your baby from any harmful toxins.

10 missing period

The most early sign of pregnancy is missing period that clear indicator.

however period missed can also by stress,diet ,or an irregular schedule